Why We Pay Our Kids to do Chores

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Why We Pay Our Kids to do Chores

We decided to pay our kids to do chores as soon as they were old enough to help out around the house on a more mature level. What I mean by that is when they were old enough do the dishes and laundry, we started paying them for it.

We waited that long to pay them because when they were small, they were very eager to help out with simple chores like clearing the table and emptying the bathroom trash. The older they got, the more reluctant they became of doing any housework that actually took a little bit of the load off my back.

I remember the first time I ever asked them to load the dishwasher. They were EXCITED about doing it. I don’t have to tell you that the excitement only lasted a couple of days. It did wear off pretty quickly, but when we started paying them, the excitement came back, and soon they were asking us if there was anything they could do to earn a little more money.

We don’t pay our kids for every little chore. There are certain chores that are paid and certain chores that are not, like making their bed, putting their things away when they get home, etc. And to make things interesting, they are fined for NOT doing their unpaid daily responsibilities. I’ll post a link to the chore chart we use at the end of this post.

Paying kids to do chores is a pretty controversial topic. Look, I get it. Our kids should pull their weight whether they get paid for it or not, and that’s completely understandable. I didn’t get paid for chores or receive an allowance when I was growing up, and I turned out just fine, but I would argue that there are quite a few benefits to paying our kids to do chores, and one of them even keeps me from going a little crazy. (See the very first point.)

Why We Pay Our Kids to do Chores

It Keeps the Whining at a Minimum and Motivates Kids to Help Out

If this was the only benefit, it would be worth it. Seriously. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this point much more. If you have kids, I know you get it! When they receive money for doing chores, you receive less eye rolls and whining. Win-win.

Teaches Responsibility

When each kid has a specific list of chores to do and an understanding of why this is their job, it helps them to become responsible. It teaches them that if they don’t do it, it doesn’t get done, and if left undone for a certain period of time, the work becomes harder to manage.

Teaches Good Work Ethic

Think about it this way: How do you feel when you get a raise? Are you suddenly more enthusiastic about doing a good job when you know what you’re doing is suddenly earning more money? That’s how I felt about getting raises when I had a traditional job.

It not only made me feel like what I did mattered, but it also pushed me a little harder to want to do a good job. Recognition is a great motivator. When my kids went from not being paid to do chores to suddenly getting paid for it, I noticed a huge leap in their desire to do the job well.

Prevents Entitlement Mindset

I don’t think giving kids an allowance is a good idea because I believe it creates an entitlement mindset. Paying them to help out with housework prevents that because they aren’t receiving money for no reason. They are getting paid to do work. Whether you give each chore a dollar amount or you give a certain amount each week if they do everything you’ve asked them to do, you are exchanging work for money. It’s not free, and they understand this.

Keeps Them From Getting Bored

My two oldest kids are at that age where they just want to stay in their rooms listening to music or playing on the tablet. I was a little lax over the summer and noticed they were getting bored pretty frequently. They suddenly came to life when I asked them to help with the dishes or laundry, especially since they knew they’d be getting paid for it.

Teaches That Every Family Member Has an Important Role

We have six people living in our house. That’s a lot of people and a lot of work for this mama if I were the only one doing it. I’ll be honest. Before the kids were old enough to help out with housework, I felt like a maid and I HATED it. There weren’t very many thank-yous, and I felt very unappreciated.

When more people are doing the work, each person has less to do. Not only did this help ME to not feel overworked, it helps the kids understand that what they are doing is important, and putting a dollar amount on it makes them understand that fact even more.

Teaches Them the Value of a Dollar

Kids need to be taught how earning money works, and what better way than to teach them at home under your supervision? When my kids want to buy something, they know they are the ones who will be paying for it. We pay for clothing and food and we give them birthday and Christmas presents, but beyond that, they pay for their wants.

They know that if they want that special toy or gadget, they have to do the dishes or clean the toilet so many times in order to earn the correct amount of money for it. I remember there was a time when they wanted something special, so they went to their chore chart and added up all the chores it would take to buy it, and they just went crazy doing chores all over the house.

Not only did I love it because the house was clean, but they realized the value of a dollar, and more specifically, the value of their time spent doing work that pays.

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