What Type of Business Should I Start?

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What type of business should I start?

I always knew I wanted to be a business owner and work from home, but the one question that was holding me back, and a very important question at that, was “What type of business should I start?”

I didn’t know what my strengths and talents were. I didn’t know what my passion was. I just did not have a clue what I wanted to do. It wasn’t until I came across a blog article about how to get paid to proofread that it all made sense. After all, I didn’t know you could earn money doing that. I just thought everybody proofread their own stuff.

I was ALWAYS catching other people’s errors and keeping it quietly to myself, and I was pretty darn good at it. It was perfect for me, so I took a course on how to develop that skill further and find clients who would actually pay me. And now here I am, working as a freelance proofreader from home. (Read about how to become a freelance proofreader here.)

This post isn’t about proofreading, though. It’s about figuring out what you’re good at, what your passions are, and starting a business around that.

So what type of business should YOU start? There are three main questions you should ask yourself:

  1. What are my skills and strengths?

  2. What are my passions?

  3. Is this combination of my skills and passions profitable?

Let’s start with Question Number 1. (Keep reading below…)

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What are my Skills and Strengths?

The answer to this question is going to be the foundation upon which you build your business. You need to be good at whatever it is you’re wanting to monetize, but the truth is, you don’t have to be an expert right now. What is something that you think you’re good at or that other people tell you you’re good at? You don’t have to be the best at it in the beginning. There are paid courses and free info on the internet you can research to become an expert later, just figure out what you’re good at, and go from there.

Maybe you’re really good at planning your family vacations and finding deals on hotels and activities. You could be a vacation planner. Do you love all things Disney and know how to plan the perfect Disney trip? Niche down and become a Disney vacation planner.

Maybe you love to plant a certain kind of flower or herb. You know all the details and tips about planting and growing that flower successfully that you could teach others how to do it as well. Create a course that teaches people how to grow it on your own website.

Maybe you’re into fitness, so you’ve put together detailed workout plans and meal plans to help your friends lose weight. You could get certified and become an online fitness coach.

Maybe you’re really good at playing the guitar. You could put together video lessons and sell them on your own website or other websites like Udemy. You could do the same with dance lessons.

Maybe you’ve been an office administrator for years and you love it, but you’re pregnant now and want to stay home with your baby. A virtual assistant business would be perfect for you.

Maybe you’re great at making meal plans that could help people save money or follow a specific type of diet. Sell those meal plans on your own website.

Read this blog post for a list of 28 home business ideas.

Do you see what I’m doing here? You can monetize any skill, but it needs to coincide with the next question…

What are my Passions?

You can be highly skilled in anything, but if you don’t have a passion for it — that is, you like doing it and could do it over and over without tiring of it — you shouldn’t turn it into a business.

I made this mistake with my first business, and that’s why it didn’t last. I’ve mentioned before about my sewing business. I’m really good at sewing. I’ve made each of my children their own quilts for their beds, and I made a lot of baby accessories for my kids when they were little. I didn’t really enjoy the process too much, but I loved the finished product. So I thought what the heck? Why not sew for other people too?

So I did. I started an Etsy shop and sold to my family and friends. Word of mouth was my best advertisement. I made SO MANY things for others, but I burned out quickly and eventually closed down shop because I couldn’t stomach turning on my sewing machine one more time.

What are YOUR passions? If you don’t know, I made this free workbook to help you figure it out. Sign up for my free resource library to get access to the workbook now. This blog post will also be helpful.

Is This Combo of my Skills and Passions Profitable?

This is going to take a bit of research to determine, but it’s an important step, so don’t skip it! Researching your business idea will save you time, money, and possibly a lot of heartache. What I mean by that is if you start a business on a whim and have no idea if it’s profitable, you could spend a lot of time and money getting your idea out there that no one is interested in. Market research is invaluable.

Also do some research to see if this business idea is already in existence. If it is and those businesses are successful, you’ve got a great idea. You want to avoid an overcrowded market, though, because then you’ll have a ton of competition.

I would also steer clear of creating a business that isn’t in existence yet UNLESS there is a huge need for it. If there isn’t a need for what you have to offer, you aren’t going to sell it. Research, research, research!

Start That Business, Mama!

I know why you’re here. You stumbled upon my blog because you’re searching for ways to earn money from home so you can be with your babies. I’ve been there, so I understand. I hope this has helped you figure out what your dream home business should be. It makes my heart so happy to see moms realize their potential and start that home business they’ve been dreaming of. That dream isn’t out of reach. That dream was placed in you by your creator for a purpose. Now go. Start that business, Mama!

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