How I Prioritize My Time as a Mom Entrepreneur

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How I Prioritize My Time as a Mom Entrepreneur

A question I’ve been asked more than once is how do I prioritize my time as a mom and business owner. This has been a tough question for me recently, especially over the summer. Now that school is back in session, I feel like there’s a little more routine to my craziness, but I’ve still got a three-year-old at home with me who demands most of my time.

I’m going to try to answer this one as best I can. If you remember an older blog post I wrote about how I get more work done as a mom entrepreneur, you’ll remember that my secret was to get up earlier than my kids do. That still works for me and is still the main reason I’m able to get things done, but to be honest, I don’t really have a schedule for my business.

You guys know I have an online service-based business, but I’ve cut back a lot on client work so that I can focus on this blog, which is becoming more and more of a passion for me than my actual business.

I love helping other moms in the area of personal finance and home business, so I’ve decided to make that a priority. When I have client work, I literally have to drop everything and focus on that, so I don’t have a schedule for my business. When I get an email from a client that says “I need this done ASAP,” I really have no choice but to stop everything and work if I want to accept that job. I know that doesn’t sound appealing at all, but I get to charge my highest rate when that happens, so it’s totally worth it.

What I’m trying to say is I don’t really have a schedule for my business because the type of business I have doesn’t really allow for one, but for my blog, which I treat like a business, I do have a schedule, so that’s what I’m going to talk about here today.

Prioritizing time for a business can be tough for moms. I’ll be honest, it’s really, really tough sometimes. But I’ve found a way to work my passion into the cracks and crevices of motherhood while keeping my kids at the center focus. These are the few things that help me do that.

Get Up Early

This one goes without saying, considering I’ve already talked about this, but it is the number one thing I ALWAYS do. I get up with my husband every weekday morning at 5 a.m. before he goes to work. I’m a night owl and I love to sleep in, but I kinda love my blog more than sleep, if you can believe that, so I make sure that it’s the first thing I do every weekday morning after coffee and reading my Bible. Even though I’m a night owl, I’ve found that my mind is more fresh and creative in the mornings before the chaos starts. If I try to do any blog work after I’ve been busy with the kids for a while, I just don’t have that clarity and creativity that I do first thing in the morning.

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Make a To-Do List

I start every week by making a to-do list for the entire week, and then I break it down into which things will be done on each specific day. For example, I dedicate one day to writing, one day to creating images, one day to Pinterest scheduling, one day to email, and one day to brainstorming post ideas. I’m a big fan of making lists, so this actually helps me a lot. If I can get everything written down and organized on paper, it doesn’t seem so chaotic in my head. Not only that, but the act of crossing things off my list as I get them done is very motivating to me.


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Work When My Kids are Occupied

I mentioned earlier that I have a three-year-old at home with me. When my three other kids are at school, she can get clingy since I’m the only one here with her, but if I give her Play-Doh or put on a movie she likes or let her paint or color beside me while I work, I can actually get a lot done. It’s enough to keep her occupied for at least an hour.

Occasionally I’ll work on Saturdays. When all the kids are home, my toddler is more inclined to play with her sisters than to want me all the time, so I just go in my room and work while they play. This doesn’t always work out. There are still fights between kids I need to break up, meals to cook, and diapers to change, but for the most part, they keep themselves occupied in the event that I do need to work on Saturdays.

How I prioritize my time as a mom entrepreneur

Be Flexible

I think this is probably the most important thing to do. As a mom, you have to be flexible with your time. The whole reason I wanted to work from home was so that I could still be with my babies. I didn’t want to miss the important things. I still need to remind myself of this from time to time, but I think I do a pretty good job of staying present with my kids when I’m with them. The most important thing is my kids and husband come first, and my business or blog will always, always, always come after them.

Next year my baby will start school, and I’ll have plenty of time to work while all the kids are at school every day, but for now, this is what works best for me in this time in our lives. Part of me can’t wait. I think of all the time I’ll have to myself and all the work I’ll get done, but right now, I’m going to cherish this time with my kids because I will never, ever get it back. This time is special to me, and I’m going to do my best to protect it and make the most of it.

What about you? Do you have any tips for me or the readers here at Mom For More? How do you prioritize your time as a mom AND business owner? I’d love to read about it in the comments below!

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