How I Have My Budget Binder Set up + My Bill-Paying Process

Wow. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how many people have purchased my 2019 Debt-Free Budget Binder. When I set out to make this available to others, I didn’t really know how it would turn out. I’ve been using this binder for about two years, and I don’t think I’ll ever do our finances differently. It’s just so organized and all in one place.

The new year may have already started, but it’s not too late to make being more organized and on track in your finances a goal for the year. It’s been one of my top goals every year, and having this binder really does help.

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As promised, today I’m going to talk about how I’ve set up my binder and the process I go through when I pay our bills. I have ALL of our financial info in this one binder, including our actual bills, and it makes it so much easier to have everything in one place. I remember the days of old when our bills would be sitting in a pile on our kitchen counter in an unorganized fashion. I hated going in the kitchen! But now that I’ve got everything in this one binder and keep it in my “desk” ( I have that in quotes because it’s actually a vanity used as a desk), it just helps this anxious mama feel more calm in the kitchen.

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This is the antique vanity I use as my desk. I keep my binder here.

This is the antique vanity I use as my desk. I keep my binder here.

Setting up my binder was simple and didn’t cost a lot of money. The only things I bought for it were the actual binder, page protectors, two pencil pouches with rings, and a highlighter.

Other things I keep in my binder that I already had are our checkbook, a pen, a single hole punch for when I need to add more pages in the check register, stamps, and a few envelopes.

Now let’s get into how I have my binder organized.

debt-free budget binder

How My Binder is Organized

Pencil Pouches

The first thing I have in my binder are two pencil pouches with rings. The one on top contains everything I talked about above. The next one contains our actual bills. I’ve never been a fan of paperless billing because if I want to see the bill, I have to log in to my account. I’d rather have the actual, physical bill in my possession so that I can look at it whenever I need to without having to get online.

Bill-Paying Process

In the pencil pouch that has the bills in it, what I do is write on the front of the envelope how much the bill is, the date that it’s due, and the number of the week’s paycheck I’ll be paying it out of. Writing the number of the week it’s due helps me to know quickly which week I’ll be paying it. I then put the bills in order from Weeks 1-5 (my husband is paid weekly). I hope that makes sense.

Checkbook Register

I have this section first because it’s the section I access the most, and it’s just more convenient for me to have it in the very front. I have my section cover pages in all the sections in a page protector, and on the back of the page of the Checkbook Register cover page, I put my Password Log for easy access as well.

debt-free budget binder

Monthly and Weekly Worksheets

Next I have the Monthly and Weekly Worksheets cover page.

debt-free budget binder

This is the biggest section of the binder. The first page in this section is the Bill Payment Tracker.

debt-free budget binder

This is probably one of my favorite pages in the entire binder just because it keeps me organized and always on time for my payments. As I pay a bill for the month, I just check it off the list. I always know exactly which bills I’ve already paid for the month.

Then I have my months starting with January (obviously). For each month of this section, I have these pages in order:

  • Calendar

  • Monthly Budget Worksheet (you can get this page for free here.)

  • Weekly/Biweekly Paycheck Budget Worksheet (Print one for each paycheck week. For example, if you get paid weekly, you’ll print out 4 or 5 of these for each month depending on how many weeks are in that month. If you get paid biweekly, you’ll print out 2 of these for each month. So in total, you’ll print out 26 or 52 of these pages for the entire year.)

debt-free budget binder


The next section I have is the Debt cover page, then I have the Debt Overview page. You’ll only print one of these. On this page, you’ll list every debt you have and total it up at the bottom.

debt-free budget binder

After that, I have my Debt Payment Tracker. You’ll want to print one of these for each debt you have.

This is where you’ll keep track of your debt payments and balances. It really comes in handy if you’re doing the Debt Snowball, which I highly recommend.


Next comes the Savings cover page.

debt-free budget binder

Immediately following that is the Savings Goals page. This is where you will write down each item you are currently saving for.

Then, if you don’t already have your “baby emergency fund” of $1000 ( I highly recommend that you start here if you don’t have this fund already), this is where you’ll insert that page.

After that, I have our

  • Christmas Savings Tracker

  • 3-6 Months Saving Tracker (where you’ll save 3-6 months of expenses to fully fund your big emergency fund after you’ve paid off all debt except your mortgage)

  • Savings Goal Tracker (where you can write down whatever you’re saving for)

  • And lastly in this section, I have six different savings plans you can choose from.

debt-free budget binder

Yearly Trackers

My Yearly Trackers cover page comes next. In this section is where I keep logs of the following:

  • Net Worth Worksheet

  • Yearly Expenses Log (This is where I write down our yearly household expenses, such as property taxes, insurance, etc.)

  • Donations Log

  • Business Expense Log (Print one for each business you have)

debt-free budget binder

And that’s it! That’s how I have my budget binder set up, and a short explanation of my bill-paying process. The year may have already started, but if you haven’t purchased the 2019 Debt-Free Budget Binder, it’s not too late! You can purchase it here in my shop.

Thank you so much to everyone who has purchased the binder! It’s helping me to keep this blog running, and I love that I’m helping people with a desire to be more financially organized, pay off that debt, and save for the things they are dreaming of.

I hope you found this helpful, and thank you so much for visiting my page. Be sure to share and pin!

Until next time,

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