How to Keep Your House Clean For Good!

Before I had kids, I dreamed of being a stay-at-home mom and how clean my house would be all the time because I’d have nothing else to do with my time but clean! Then I actually became a stay-at-home mom and woke up from that dream almost immediately!

I’m not sure if it was something in the water, but we just kept having babies, and the illusion of what a great homemaker I was in my dreams kept drifting further and further away from reality.

How to keep your house clean for good in less than an hour a day

I’d visit my friends’ and families’ homes and see how neat and organized they all were, and I started to think there was something wrong with me. Why couldn’t I keep my house clean like they can? They have kids just like I do. I mean, what was I do doing wrong?

It didn’t take long for me to realize that they probably did the same thing I did and cleaned frantically before their guests’ arrival. We had friends over once, and they complimented how “put together” our home was. I laughed.

Our home was anything BUT put together. Sure, our house would be clean when we had guests, but it definitely didn’t stay that way throughout the week.

And you could forget about showing up to our home unannounced. I would legit act like I wasn’t home to spare myself the embarrassment. Don’t pretend you’ve never done this! I know you have! Haha!

I decided I had had enough of the crazy, frantic cleaning and put together a cleaning schedule that we could stick to. We have six people in this household, so we delegate who does what. There is no way I can do all this by myself. I tried that before, and it made me crazy.

My husband helps out too. He works a full-time job and has a side business, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t clean up after himself. And this isn’t something I “make” him do. He does it himself because he’s a grown man, and he cares about my sanity ;)

Another thing we do is we pay our kids to do their chores. It teaches them the value of money and that hard work pays off. I’m writing a blog post about that as well.

I made a weekly cleaning schedule that we could all easily follow to help keep our house clean throughout the week.

*Disclaimer* You are going to have to do a little (or a lot) of prep work for this schedule to work. What do I mean by that? Well, you’re going to have to get all your dishes and all your laundry done up front.

Dishes and laundry are my nemesis. I HATE it! With six people in one house, there are a lot of dishes and laundry being used on the daily.

So for this (or any) cleaning schedule to work, you’re going to have to start with a clean slate when it comes to dishes and laundry. It might take all day to get this done, but trust me when I say this step is a must!

Once you have your dishes and laundry caught up, follow this schedule to keep your house clean and guest-ready all week long.

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Daily Tasks

I’m going to start with our daily tasks. These will be done each day in addition to the weekly schedule. These tasks are:


  • Make bed

  • Unload dishwasher (Dirty dishes will be put directly into the dishwasher throughout the day instead of in the sink.)

  • Put clothes in dryer

  • Fold clothes when dry

After Dinner

  • Clean off counters

  • Sweep dining room and kitchen

  • 15-minute house-walk (Each family member will be included in this task. Set a timer for 15 minutes, and walk around the house picking up and putting away toys and other items that are out of place.)

Before Bed

  • Start dishwasher

  • Start next load of laundry (For our family, one load per day keeps the laundry done (we do not separate colors). For your family, it might be two loads. If that’s the case, add a load to your afternoon.)

Weekly Schedule


  • Clean bathrooms (sinks, mirrors, counters, toilets, tubs/showers)


  • Dust

  • Sweep/vacuum

  • Mop


  • Cabinet doors

  • Light switches

  • Door knobs


  • Clean out fridge and pantry

  • Empty all trash

    *Note* Our trash is picked up on Fridays. It might be better for you to do this the day before your trash is picked up on a different day.


  • Free day!!!


  • Wash all bedding (Switch with Friday if Saturdays are busy days for you.)


  • Family time/rest

This is our new weekly cleaning schedule and how we intend to keep our home clean throughout the week. It might be helpful to have a family meeting and talk about the new schedule and the importance of everyone helping out.

If you decide to follow this cleaning schedule, I’d love to hear how it works out for your family in the comments!

Do you have your own cleaning schedule? Did it change your life? Tell me about it below! And don’t forget to share this with your friends if it was helpful for you. :)

Until next time,

Weekly cleaning schedule that works for our family of six
weekly cleaning schedule that works for our family of six

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