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June 2019 Debt Payoff Summary

I’m back with another debt payoff summary! The last update I posted was in April, and honestly, we haven’t done so well since then. We’ve had a few setbacks, including our living room fiasco in July, BUT we did make some progress, so that’s something to celebrate!

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How to Switch to the Quarter-Payment System

I recently shared how changing to the quarter-payment bill-paying method was the best thing I did for our budget, and today I’m going to share HOW I switched to the quarter-payment system.

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The Quarter-Payment Bill-Paying Method, My New Favorite Thing

I’m always looking for new, more effective ways to budget, and I recently came across the quarter-payment bill-paying method. I thought it was an interesting way to pay bills and wanted to give it a try, and now it’s my new favorite way to pay bills!

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