September 2019 Debt-Payoff Summary

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September 2019 Debt-Payoff Summary

Ugh. We went backward in September, and I am so disappointed. When our daughter got her braces on in August, we learned that her wisdom teeth are blocking her 12-year molars from coming in, so she is getting them removed two days from the time of this writing. I’m a lot more nervous than she is about it, so prayers are appreciated!

We decided to not use our emergency fund this time, which, BTW, we WERE able to build up again in August (whoo hoo!) and just use our Care Credit account to pay for it. Care Credit is zero interest for 18 months, and since we have a strong feeling we will be paying off all or most of our debt by the end of this month (October), we decided to charge it. I don’t know if that decision would be Dave Ramsey approved, but that’s what we did, and we feel good about it.

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July-September Debt Payoff

July’s Beginning Debt Balance: $4201.49

July-September Debt Payments: $494.36

Wisdom teeth removal: $1445.00

Remaining Balance: $5152.13

Goal Recap

Our goal was to pay $400 a month after we rebuilt our emergency fund. We were able to rebuild our emergency fund and pay $494.36 in August/September. Unfortunately, our daughter’s oral surgery brought us back up to a higher debt total than before.

Our new goal is to pay everything off in October. That’s a big goal for us, especially considering what our past goals have been and what our actual debt payments were. We have some things going on with our businesses, so we are hopeful. I’ll be checking back in at the end of October to let you know how we did.

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I’d really love to know how your debt snowball is going. Are you making progress, or have you had some setbacks like we have lately? I’d love to here about it in the comments below!

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